Monday, November 28, 2011

Checking into PCH

Hi all, we have checked back into PCH.   Our room is 7113, just three doors down from the previous suite.  And guess what??? We have already gotten in trouble, no plug in Christmas lights, I guess they just don't understand how we Cobley's do Christmas.  

The days leading up to Hannah checking back in have been filled with laughter and joy.  Once arsenic was done, we were straight onto the holiday season. 

I am Scrooge, and WILL NOT decorate the house before the first weekend in December.  Well... Once we found out that Hannah was going back to PCH right after Thanksgiving, I was informed that all Christmas decor would be up before the end of Thanksgiving weekend.  I put my foot down for all of 30 seconds, and then got after decorating.  Lights hanging, tree up, traditional items in their proper place, Christmas is here.  The entire family welcomed in the holiday season with our traditional movies, White Christmas, and Christmas Vacation.

It all was put on hold this morning as we woke up at 6am for our PCH check in.  

The day started with blood work, a bone marrow aspiration, and a spinal tap.  And oh did i mention that they injected Chemo into her spine during the spinal tap procedure.  No rest for the weary, Chemo starts tonight.

The good part is that we know what is coming, the bad part is that we know what is coming.  

Hannah will receive Chemo through Friday then fight to get her strength back.  Right now, she is good and should be til the end of the week, as her immune system becomes compromised.  

I continue to be amazed at how Hannah handles this with strength and grace.  We are sooooo lucky.



  1. Oh, man....thinking of you. That was beautifully said...tears in my eyes. You are blessed with such an amazing 17 year old who has handled all of this with such a wonderful positive attitude and grace! We look forward to seeing her back at church in January when all of this is behind you! Take care and God Bless!

    The Holgates

  2. Hi Hannah!

    We've been thinking of you. Watch for an envelope from me and my class. I told them about you going into the hospital for treatment and I think they've fallen in love with you! You have that effect on people!