Sunday, September 4, 2011

Day moves along

Hi all....Life is moving right along. It has been a week since the last update, and it does not seem like a week has gone by. We have really gotten the normal routine of life with cancer. Daily trips to the clinic for treatments, and life in between.

As I sat down to blog tonight, Hannah looked over at me from the sofa and said "if I hold my nose up like this, to I look like Voldemort? I think I will be Voldemort for Halloween because I'm bald."

As you might have gathered, she is doing great. She has finished one week of arsenic, and really has not had too many side affects. A couple of headaches and nausea at the beginning of the week, but that has been managed. She is now enjoying the second of three days away from the clinic do to the holiday weekend.

She also had a few outings this week, dinner party at Jessie's house, Old Navy, and she even made it to Church today.

Thank you for your continued support and prayer, it is greatly appreciated.


P.S. Hannah has been watching "Bridesmaids" while I have been blogging. Highly inappropriate.


  1. So wonderful to have Hannah in church! What a great morning!

  2. If I had known Hannah would be in church I would have shown up for sure! Love you, kiddo!