Thursday, July 28, 2011

Day 14... Goodness I learned alot!

So the kid had a bad day.  This morning at about 1:30, she had a fever that spiked at 103.7.  Scary.  Bring in the antibiotics.  We have basically zeroed out on the immune system, and she is fighting like crazy.  Tuff kid.  Just like her mom.  Speaking of Sharon, I do not know how she does it, I come home everyday like a whipped pup, and she it like the energizer bunny.

Obviously we had to worry today with her fever being so high, well, this evening it has been confirmed by the Dr's that it is not an infection, it is just her body reacting to the poison (chemo) being pumped into her body.  That is great news, but it does not make it any easier.  FYI her temp is normal now.

 Mail call.  What I learned from this is that sooooo many people care.  The nurses learned that too.  They have been shocked by the support.  The picture above is the mail that was delivered to the room today!! Wow.  We on the other hand have not been shocked, just blessed.

I also learned about fancy dinners.  Imagine if you will being in a hospital room with your child.  A friend brings you a meal, with a table cloth, silverware, the works.  An adult beverage is poured into a paper coffee cup with a top, so as not to draw attention.  Note to self.  Adult beverages, especially the red kind can eat away at coffee cups.  It is very important to know this due to the fact that you never want to have a medical staff in your room working on a spiked fever when your concern is the adult beverage that has eaten the coffee cup and is not in a puddle on the floor.

The most important thing I learned is the difference between moms and dads.  I am a dad, I have 3 daughters that I would do anything for.  They know that.  But what I learned today is that when you feel really crappy and want comfort, you go to mom.  I think the picture above says is all.



  1. i love that picture! It's true.. a mother has a sense of comfort that no one else can compare to!