Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Day Five.... What actually happened today, Tuesday

As I stated in the previous post, today's post is what actually happened today. We kinda thought it was important to bring you all up to speed on each of the previous days.  We also know that the time over the next days weeks and months will get boring, Which according to Dr Tom is what we want, boredom.  Imagine the Cobley's lives boring?  Whatever shall we do?  From this point on, posts here will be based on daily activity.  If things happen we will let you know, if not, rest assured that all is well and Hannah is getting healthier.  Oh, and before I forget, keep the cards, notes, and well wishes coming they are wonderful, however NO flowers or plants.  They are not allowed in the room due to potential bacteria.  We have been taking pictures of them and bringing the pictures to Hannah.  For those that have sent them a huge THANKS.  

Today was a big day, for several reasons.  Based on the picture above, can anyone guess what started today?  One guess.  Anyone?  Yes you are right, chemo started today.  As you can see by the picture, Hannah, only as she can, be was ready for it.  So far no negative side affects.  

The treatment that started on Sunday is doing exactly what it is supposed to do.  Her blood work (which is taken every six hours) gets better with every test.  The cells that are supposed to die are, and those that need to have greater production are.  If fact we were told by the team that she has gotten to this stage of wellness faster than expected.  A major sign that God is working and guiding Hannah.

She felt great all day, more herself, but she does get tired with too many visitors.  Please keep visiting but check with Sharon first via text, if you need that info email me, and please do not be offended if we say no or limit your visit.  Based on the meds, Hannah's energy level can vary greatly in short periods of time.  All decisions that we make are totally based on her care and her rest needs.

The most important news of the day came in at about 3pm.  Her primary care doctor, Dr B came into the room and to check on Hannah, stopped in mid sentence, and the conversation went something like this;
Dr:  "oh crap you have braces"
Hannah: "I have had them the entire time I have been here"
Dr:  "I never noticed them before"
Hannah: "well I have not had too many reasons to smile"
Dr:  "well you can't have those"

Apparently braces cause concern for infection, obviously something that we need to avoid.  Bottom line, Hannah's orthodontist is coming in tomorrow evening and REMOVING HER BRACES.  She is so excited she can not stand it, and I guess after 7 years of wearing them I don't blame her.

Again thanks for your love and support we appreciate it more than words can express.


  1. Our prayers are with you & it seems as though God is answering them! This blog you have created is so wonderful to keep us all posted! I worked the Craft Botique last November @ Mt. View w/Hannah (Erin & I sat right behind her) and we had such a great time! Please let her know that we are thinking of her and sending lots of positive energy & prayer to her & youentire family. The Mt. View Family is amazing. Thank you agaon for teh continued updates & photos. Love, Aimee (Johnson) Ruiz xoxo

  2. Hannah & Family,

    We are so happy to hear of your positive strides. Our prayers for you are endless. Remember to ask for whatever you need...meals, house cleaning, laundry, errand running, or just more prayers! You are an amazing young lady with amazing parents! Congratulations on the brace removal and remember, we love you!!

    Linda and Kelsey Timms

  3. Yeah for the braces!!! And...love the pillow pet! :) The Ashton's are praying all over the place for you! Keep smiling! :) xxoo

  4. Love the smile and the thumbs up! Way to go with a positive attitude. Mt. View prayers are the best! I am a firm believer in the power of prayer. Unlike Hannah, my brother has an incurable lymphoma and I asked Mt. View to pray for him. After his first bag of chemo drugs, the doctors were amazed at how the swelling in his throat went down. Mt. View continued their prayers and he is now celebrating his 6th year of remission and remains healthy. So know that you can't have better people praying for Hannah. We were so glad you stopped by the office today. Hannah remains in my daily prayers. Joanne Johnson