Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Day Twelve.. Happy 18, and Hannah sports a new do!!!

Ok, everyone together now, and a one, and a two and a three,
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Hannah
Happy Birthday to you.

Yup she is 18 and now an adult.  We have checked, they will not kick her out of Children's, or at least  they claim they won't.  However if so many people keep showing up to visit, they might.  But don't stop coming, lets see what they do!

As  you can see from the pictures, she also got a haircut!

Ok, birthday first!  Cards, too many to count.  Nurses singing off key, ice cream from volunteers with funny glasses on.  All classic.  And oh my, her Facebook page, I have never seen so many birthday wishes in my life.

She did receive a special gift from someone named M Mouse with a return address from Anaheim, CA.  Yup, Mickey himself sent gifts and well wishes.  Books, cards, and some great Disney jammies and clothing.  The best however was the Citizen of Disneyland badge.  She loved everything!

She decided to get her haircut, and I am so proud that she did.  She is donating her hair to make wigs for other kids that are fighting cancer that have lost their hair.

Maggie G came in and cut her hair to an audience, nurses, friend and family were all there, she did a great job.  Thanks Maggie!

Sarah is in town, and her trip is a blog post all to itself, I will ask her to write it.

Some business.  Her immune system is almost down to zero, which is good.  That means however that there are no hugs, and we have a 3 foot rule that means anyone that come to visit will have to give virtual hugs from 3 feet away.   We will also ask you to wear a mask.    The amount of time that she is at zero is totally up to her system be we believe that she will rebound quickly.  After all the faster she rebounds the sooner she comes home.  To her new room!  Also its own post.



  1. Happy Birthday Han!! Love the 'do! Someone looks like their mother!! ;-) Hope all is going the best it can be and we're always thinking about you! <3, The Cralls

  2. Glad you are taking care of Hannah! She needs to be protected by her parents from the germs....to stay healthy! Wahooo.....this will be over....but I am sure for you, it is not soon enough! Keep up the good spirits and I love the new do! You are always beautiful....no matter how your hair is cut!

  3. Not only did you turn 18 and become an adult, that haircut makes you look like an adult. It is fabulous! It suits you perfectly! Maggie did a great job. A makeover on your birthday.....who could ask for more. Keep that beautiful smile. You are doing great!

  4. Happy Birthday Hannah! I love your new cut. It is almost as adorable as you:)

  5. Happy Birthday Hannah!

    You've got some dad, keeping us informed of your progress and funny comments. You are ONE LUCKY GIRL :)

    Keep your spirits up and keep laughing!!

  6. You are beautiful!!!!!!! Your haircut makes you look like a sexy, adorable woman!!!! We love you!!!
    K and Jenny

  7. Happy Birthday from the Grimes Clan! Don't know how you could possibly be 18, you were just born a minute ago. Love the new Do. You are in our thoughts every day.