Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Day Four.. First Full Day of Treatment...

We just finished the first full day of treatment, and while it is making her feel not so hot, we have seen some good results.  Her body and blood are reacting they way that they are supposed to!  Things are moving in the right direction.  Reality has also set in though, and we know that this is not a sprint, it is a marathon and we have to pace ourselves, but Hannah has had a very strong start to the race.

We have started to get into a routine which is good because our lives will be based in routine for quite awhile.  For those of you that really know us, you will understand this is not the easiest transition for us in that our lives are anything but routine.

The support from our friends and family has been overwhelming.  The doctors and nurses and the entire staff at Phoenix Children's are simply the best.

Back to the reality part, Sharon and I are going over our work adjustments and what we will be doing.  Sharon will probably take family leave from work which we will try to make as flexible as possible to make sure that it can match with the treatment schedule.

My work schedule on the other hand is yet to be decided.  The college football and volleyball seasons start here in a few weeks, and that is usually when I light my hair on fire and go 24/7 until Thanksgiving.  My guys at work are great, and I know that we will work something out.

Jessie will be working on Hannah's room make over.  Our good friends Bethanne, Allie, Mary and Katie are also on the project.  New paint, bed, rip out the carpet etc.. While it will be hospital sterile, I am sure that it will not look like your typical hospital room.

Sarah has a post that will be coming soon, and rumor has it that Hannah will as well.

Chemo starts Tuesday we will let you know how that goes, and oh by the way, T minus 7 days until Hannah's 18th.


  1. My thoughts and prayers are with you Craig and your entire family, ESPECIALLY Hannah :) Sounds like your family and Hannah have a great support group.
    Keep the faith and know that WE are all in your court!!

    Laurie Packard Schaff

  2. We love you Hannah and are right by your side the entire way! You are a strong-willed young woman with contagious energy, a beautiful spirit, and a heart of gold. You fight hard kiddo! Can't wait to give you a BIG HUG! We are thinking of you every day and send many hugs and kisses your way!

    MIchelle, Gary, Carlye, Andrew (The Monheit's and the Weiss's too)

  3. So, the Big Bday is the 26th? We need to do something special from Mtn View for her...don'tcha think?