Sunday, July 31, 2011

Day 17.... Some Laughter..

Hello all, welcome to day 17.  Business first.  Hannah's immune system remained flat (which is not unusual we may not see daily growth)  but day three of no cancer cells in her system!!  The kid is winning!!

Now for the fun stuff.  We Cobley's laugh.  A LOT.  Today there was laughter and snorting in the room.  As I spoke of yesterday, Hannah has sores in her mouth that are a direct result of her chemo.  Her nurse for the day, whom we love, decided enough was enough we need some comfort.  Bring on the morphine.

We all know that one of the many things that we love about Hannah is her quick wit. Well trust me Hannah's quick wit, with a tongue that looks like it belongs to Jabba the Hut, on morphine was something to behold.

Let me give you an example.  To truly understand this you must all participate in what I am about to ask you to do.

First. stick out your tongue.
Second, hold the tip of it with your index finger and thumb.
While holding it say, (Hannah's best quote of the day) "this morphine is wonderful stuff"

Please, throughout the evening stop and do this with your favorite Hannah quote, and you will see why we were laughing so hard.  Even some snorting was heard in the room.  I will not say who it was though.

On a serious note.  Sharon and I have learned that there is a kind of bond between cancer "parents" on the floor.  A knowing smile, a nod.  We are all fighting the battle with our children.  

About a week ago, I met a dad "W" that has a 17 year old daughter that is having a relapse.  She does not have the same type of cancer that Hannah has, however she is having the same type treatment.  His daughter
"M" is having a hard time.  Her immune system is not responding like Hannah's is.  In fact her immune system has been at zero for a week.  Please pray for her.



  1. Snorting CLEARLY came from Mom. Please do not forget we got some snorts yesterday when she kept poking me.

  2. Love to hear she's getting better. And laughter is truly a magnificent medicine.