Monday, July 18, 2011

Day Two... It's official..

It is official, Hannah has leukemia, and now the hard part, hurry up and wait. The important thing to know is what type of leukemia you have because treatment varies greatly within the different types.  

The waiting was the hardest.  I of course wanted to get started kicking the crud out of it, but our very good friend Dr Tom explained how important it is to find out the type before beginning treatment.

In the meantime we started the "background check" on the Dr that is taking care of Hannah.  As it turns out, Dr Boklin is an expert in the type of leukemia that they think Hannah might have (still waiting on lab results).  We were also told by Dr Tom that if he was to choose the Dr for Hannah, it would be Dr Boklin.  God's hand guiding us again it would appear...

We also discovered that we will probably be here for about a month.  Awesome..More hurry up and wait...


  1. I agree that the waiting is the hardest part. Tell Hannah to keep her chin up. As always, my prayers are not ceasing. If you need someone that has been through it to talk to, let me know. I am about a year out but still remember every minute of it. Love to you all! Traci Cilliers

  2. The tears start every time I read this. Praying without ceasing. Please let me know if you need "anything".

  3. Glad you're are updating. Don't want to be a bug. Loving the photos of Hannah!!

  4. Hang in there, sounds like you are in good hands.