Monday, July 25, 2011

Day Eleven.. A lesson from Emma, the dog.

That's right folks, it is day eleven!  Skipped right over ten.  You know what they say about time flying when you are having fun!  And we are having sooo much fun.  NOT! 

So, Hannah.  Not to much has happened.  The meds are working.  Her immune system has not gotten to zero yet, but it will not be long.  The biggest number to me is the % of cancer cells she has within her white blood cells.  When we started this she was at 80% of her white blood cells being the mutated cancer cells.  This morning she was at 4%!!  She is getting there through 3 things, and I believe in this order, prayer, her tuff as nails attitude, and the medication.

She is resting and sleeping more, probably gearing up for the big shindig tomorrow.  Oh and for those of you that did not know, HANNAH IS 18 TOMORROW.

I have not seen her today, as I am in Dallas on a business trip.  I generally don't like business trips anyway, however this one was more difficult by the fact that I could be be with her.  As a reminder to some of you, remember I live is the estrogen ocean.   The hospital stay has been no different in that outside one or two men showing up it has been all women.  That being said I would much rather swim in the estrogen ocean than be on a business trip.

As stated in the title, there is a lesson from our dog Emma.  I was very tired yesterday when I got home and as I sat at the kitchen table, our 13 year old dog Emma brought me her frayed tennis ball, and rested her head on my lap, I saw several similarities between us.

Emma is tired and needs to sleep a lot, as do I.
Emma is faithful, and always feels safe, as do I.
Emma never questions that she is loved, neither do I.
Emma is confused and just wants everyone to come home, as do I.
Emma always is so excited when everyone comes home that she throws her own little party, as WILL I.


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  1. Thank you so much for sharing every step of your faith journey. It keeps us all plugged in faithfully watching what God will do. I LOVE all the great pictures of Hannah. Each and every one of them makes me smile. Also makes me envious that I don't have near enough crazy pics of my kids :) I've always believed laugher is the best medicine and your family is living proof! Big day tomorrow. Happy BD in advance. Probably going to be a HUGE day on this blog!!!