Saturday, July 30, 2011

Day 16.... Cautiously optimistic...

So as you know, I took a break on day 15, and quite frankly not a lot happened. But today we have some activity that is worth telling you about.
 Day 14 was the start of the struggle.  Hannah's immune system was at about zero and as you saw in the picture of Sharon holding her, it was a struggle.  There were several times during the course of the day when she looked at me with the look in her eyes of "please make this go away."  One of the hardest days of my life, not being able to make it better.
Day 15 (yesterday) was more of the same.  Fever was coming and going.  She had developed some sores in her mouth that are very painful, but a direct result of the chemo.  The medical staff worked to make her as comfortable as possible, while she battled.  We did have some good news, her blood tests were showing that she was winning.
Today was much better, still in pain from the sores, but that can be managed.  The Hannah that we all know and love showed up a little today.  While it hurts to talk, she has become very good at sign language, and her expressive eyes are working again.
So here are some numbers that will help you.  Before she hit rock bottom, her immune system that needed to get to zero, was at 16, and the percent of cancer in her blood was 3%.  Yesterday through all of the suffering her immune system was up to 40 and she had zero cancer in her body!  Today her immune system was at 140, and still zero cancer!!!!!  I feel like Aniken Skywalker in Star Wars One when he is in his pod racer when it starts for the first time and he is yelling "it's working, it's working!!" Yes it is working, with the power of prayer, her toughness, and the medical staff, she is coming back.  We are cautiously optimistic.  She well have bad days, and we are 2 weeks into a treatment protocol that will last just over 5 months.  But right now, today, Hannah is getting better, and we know that with each passing day she will get stronger.
Again the support has been overwhelming.  Her room at home is going through a transformation that is hard to describe. We are overwhelmed, humbled and grateful, words can't even begin to come close to describe how we feel.
Please continue to text Sharon to see if she is up to visitors.


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