Saturday, July 23, 2011

Day Nine. Last I.V. Chemo treatment!!

It is now over, the last bit of chemo has been pumped into her.  Still taking the oral medication, but for this round, the nuclear stuff is done.  If the last 2 treatments tell us anything, she will be whipped tomorrow until late in the day.  The final dose will also bottom out her immune system over then next couple of days (which is supposed to happen) and at that point the masks go on!  As I have stated before, Hannah is responding according to the book, and her system has stabilized to the point where other meds and fluids are being backed off.

Speaking of masks, as you know, Sarah is flying in on Tuesday, and I am flying to Dallas on Monday and home on Tuesday.  Be honest now, how many of you have gone to the airport and seen someone wearing a medial mask.  (SARS Alert).  I know I have, and I always think to myself, "why is that person so paranoid?"  Well guess what, Sarah and I get to have people think that about us, because we will proudly be wearing our masks.

The quote of the day came from Hannah herself.  I was ripping out the carpet in her room preparing it for her return.  What did I discover?  We may have termites!! (any exterminators out there?)  I passed this information on to Sharon, and upon discovery Hannah said; "Good thing I have cancer otherwise we would not know we had termites."



  1. Go Hannahl! We're all cheering for you in Latte land. xo ;D

  2. Such resilience. You have a remarkable daughter.

  3. Hannah has always be able to find the positive in things :) so glad everything is going well!!!!

  4. You are amazing, Dad Cobley, as is your entire family. Thanks for the reflections, as they help us feel closer to all of you on your journey. Keep fighting the good fight! Hannah's birthday will be literally a new birth with her immune system starting from scratch! Grace and blessing all around.
    The Forneys