Friday, July 22, 2011

One week down, grateful reflections....

Some business first... The routine has settled in.. one more round of chemo tomorrow, which will take her immune system to rock bottom by Tuesday or Wednesday (happy birthday on Tuesday), and then we build her strength back up, and begin phase 2 of the battle from home.

One funny story from today, then I will reflect on the week.

So as many of you know, I have been coaching football for over 25 years.  In that time, I have see a lot of injuries, bones, blood, dislocations, joints moving in the wrong direction.  Not one time have I ever had a problem with it... In fact I am the type of person that quietly says, let me see that.  That being said, we had to change Hannah's dressing on the med tube that is in her chest.    

Very sterile enviornment.  Masks, gloves, smocks.   I am up for this, change the dressing, clean the area, put on the new dressing..  I bet you know where this is going.. About 5 minutes in, I start having trouble... Light headed, having trouble breathing etc... Trying to be tough, I try to hang on, but realize that I can not.  I finally say I have to sit down, which freaks everyone in the room out.  They continue to work while I break into a cold sweat and almost pass out.  Tough Dad right? I guess having a tube come out of your daughters chest is worse than seeing a bone come out of a leg.


Most people would look at this last week and say, wow your life has changed.  Yeah it has, but the important things have not.  Our faith is secure, we are a close knit family, and we are surrounded by friends.  That has always been there, and that has not changed.  In reality those are the most important things in life.  So I am safe in saying that the  things dearest to us have not changed.

Our English language does not have the depth we have been looking for when we say "thank you."  Pastor Steve came up with this Greek word for us.   Eucaristia which translates to the soul being filled with grace, a sign of unity or a bond of charity.  While this just scratches the surface, it is the word we will use.

Eucaristia, may God bless you the way that He has blessed us.

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