Sunday, July 17, 2011

Day One...The News...

So, on Thursday evening, Hannah started showing signs of having the flu while at rehearsal for her play.  She was due to play the role of Bonnie in the play "Anything Goes".  She was not happy at all about not feeling well due to the fact that she missed the midnight showing of Harry Potter.

The symptoms had not improved by Friday morning, in fact that had kept her awake all night, so we took her to the Dr on Friday.  Based on her symptoms we thought that is was either appendicitis or a cyst.  the Dr told us to "lay low" until the afternoon and if we did not get any improvement to go to the ER to have her checked.

At about 2pm with no change in how she was feeling we went to the ER, and waited...

So after waiting for a few hours, we are told that her blood work needed to be done again because "it couldn't be right."  Guess what, on the second round of blood work the results were the same as the previous test.

The Dr came into our room and asked us if we were "praying people".  Yes, was the answer.  The Dr then said, "there is a reason that you are here today... what you came in here for she does not have...we have found something else, and if you had not come in, if may have gone unnoticed.  She is already a miracle"

We then learned that she may have leukemia...

At that point the walls started to close in.

While the medial staff was deciding about care, Hannah and I had a conversation.....

Me:  "are you scared?"
Hannah: "yeah"
Me: "of what?"
Hannah: "you know?"
Me: "no I don't, I am not you, what are you scared of?"
Hannah: "that is it leukemia"
Me:  "and what if it is?"
Hannah: (no answer)
Me: "we beat it, we are Cobley's that is what we do"

Long story short, we were transferred to Phoenix Children's Hospital and admitted with a preliminary diagnosis of leukemia...


  1. Dear Cobley Family,

    The Hannah family will keep you in our thoughts and prayers! Please let us know if there is anything you need. Our contact details are in the Church directory.

    Kind regards,


  2. Dear Cobleys,
    We are praying hard and sending positive thoughts your way. Know that you have the support of us and the Mountain View Family.
    The Seppers

  3. hannah you are such an amazing, unique, beautiful girl and for the little time that I've gotten to spend with you I can tell you're such a strong girl, and will get through this! You trulely have sooooo much love and support from all your family and friends, and I hope you know that you're in all of our hearts and we're praying for you and your family<3