Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Day 18.. Hannah 450, cancer ZERO

Hi all, last night was about reflection and warm fuzzies.   Please do not think that I feel that warm fuzzies are not important.  They are.  No question.  However tonight is about the score, you need an update, so here it is.

The number that we needed to get to zero, her ANC, which is her total immune system strength, got to zero on Thrusday, and has been going up and down over the weekend.  In the last 24 hours it has increased by 400 points, and there are no cancer cells being created in her system.  Hannah is winning in a big way.  

She does not feel like it however, she still feels bad, but one of the major signs that she is winning  today was that the sores in her mouth were producing more mucus.   Gross sounding I know but what that means is that Hannah's immune system is attacking the sores.  That is what is causing the mucus.  Gross, yes, but sometimes battle is ugly.



  1. Way to go Hannah! Keep up with the mucus!!

  2. What is mucus? It's ugly vehicle that the ugly infections and disease ride on their way out of the body. Prayer warriors live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Hang in there Hannah and the Cobley's, don't let it win!