Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Day 26... Things looking up........

So I have not updated (you or the blog)in a few days, family members have, and quite frankly not a lot has happened.  Well, today, I can honestly tell you that things have happened.  What has happened has been on many levels, Hannah's health, house progress, and God's grace. 

From a practical standpoint I will eliminate house progress.  I, in no way mean to take away credit, or take away the importance of this, however, I believe it will be better served in a later post.

So the other two areas of change are... Hannah's health, and accepting God's grace. 

So as to keep you all here, lets deal with God's grace first next, as that will keep most of you reading until you get to Hannah's health.

I am learning more with each passing moment.  I have never been one to stand on the sideline.  Put me in the game.  Well as of this moment, there are 8 people in our house preparing it for Hannah's return.  This is difficult for me, I am here blogging away, and they are working.   I am becoming ok with this but it is still difficult. 

God's grace is being displayed to me through these people. They will not let me help.  They want me to get rest.  They WANT me to blog.  So through God's grace I am learning that being an active participant does not mean that your fingernails need to get dirty.

So on to Hannah’s health.  Ok, here goes.  She has been fever free for 48 hours!!!!! She is eating!!!! They are going to start to wean her off the antibiotics starting tomorrow!!!!  They have scheduled her tests to compare against baseline for Monday!!!  What does this mean?  Well if all goes the way it should, she should be home this time next week!!!  At this time phase 2 of the battle will begin. 

Hannah's personality is coming back.  In a big way.  Here is today's example.  Dr. B was talking to Hannah about grandma's visit and how nice it must be to have your grandma live with you.  I mentioned to Dr B that she lives in a guest house, and Hannah said, "yeah, she lives outside in a shed"  Hannah is back.


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