Saturday, August 6, 2011

Day 22... Dad is back..

So after a couple days off on Hannah's status, here goes. Over the last few days, her immune system has increased by 1000+ points!!! Huge gains.  Cancer is on the run.. No cancer cells being produced, and her blood levels are great.  (as confirmed by friend Dr Tom.)

That being said however, we are still days away from her coming home.  Her blood levels will allow it, however she is still fighting a slight fever,  Hannah is still not eating a lot which is a result of the sores in her mouth (that have gone down her throat).  When the fever and the eating gets resolved, she will be home.

So the race is on, what will she come home to?  Well if she was discharged today, she would not be coming home.  Friends and family have been working around the clock to get her room ready, but in some cases we are at the mercy of deliveries.

Today was an eventful day.  My sister flew in today to help.  Those of you that know my sister know that she is a very thoughtful person, and nurse, that wanted to be here and help.  Keep in mind that while my sister would do most anything for anyone, she is not one to get dirt under her fingernails.  Well guess what?  Project leader Allie had her sanding an end table with a power sander!  WOW.

Speaking of Allie, she and big sister Jessie left the house today covered in paint.

As I have said before, the outpouring of support is beyond belief.  I come home daily and see changes to our home that have one focus in mind.  Hannah's health.



  1. Way to go Hannah! Keep kickin' cancers bum!

  2. Valerie Bishop told me about your site and daughter. Our four year old daughter Jade was diagnosed with ALL leukemia April 29 of this year. We will be keeping track of Hannah's progress. Jade's site is and we have a facebook page, Jade's Fight to Beat Leukemia. Take care and best wishes, Quinton and Megann Bemiller.