Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Day 35... What I know...

Hi all, I had a post last night, and blogger has somehow changed how pictures are uploaded, and I lost it. Tonight, for whatever reason, I am not able to upload pictures, so this update will be all words.

Hannah is out of the hospital. She is doing well. What I have come to realize is that this is now the grind. Not a lot happens from day to day. Hannah gets stronger, while we all wait for a miracle. The miracle is happening, it is happening with God's timing not ours.

I spent most of the day with Hannah yesterday, and several things were confirmed.

Good comedy is timeless...
We watched several episodes of SNL from first year to current, and funny is funny, good comedy stands up.

I make a better grilled cheese than PCH.

Hannah has a personality that is contagious.

Hannah gets tired fast. But she rebounds much faster than she did a week ago.

Hannah does not seem to care that she has no hair... she is VERY comfortable with who she is.

The biggest confirmation..

I love my family very much..


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