Sunday, August 21, 2011

Day 39.... Home...

Hi all, after the emergency room, PCH, and the staycation at Chez Fitch, Hannah is home!!

Her room is done, as you can see by the photos!!

Her room is the nicest room in the house, by far! I wanna have it, except it is a little to "girly" for me.

The "thank you's" to the people that made this room happen do not seem sufficient. There were so many that I KNOW of, and yet I know that there were others that I do not know of.

There are really no words....

Home.. I now remember what that means. For the last 39 days this building where I have been sleeping was not home. It was not filled with family. However today there was an incredible transformation. No longer was there the sound of hammers, the smell of paint, and the movement of workers.

Today this building was filled with the sound of music, laughter, and the smell of a home cooked meal.

Home..I truly understand the meaning of that now.

We are so very blessed.



  1. Way to go Hannah!! Your room is amazing. Enjoy your nice comfy bed tonite!!

  2. The room is gorgeous! Kudos to all those that worked so hard to get this done for Hannah.