Friday, August 5, 2011

Day 21..Sarah's trip.

I would say that the Cobley family has been thrown the most serious curve ball of our lives, but after so many out reaches and get-wells, I'm realizing that we're not the only ones who have been completely phased by Hannah's health. I was in town for 5 short days to take a good look at my sister and make sure she was being well taken care of at PCH. I mean, that's what big sisters do, right? Right. We had two bad days, Thursday and Friday. She didn't respond much to me while I was with her, and I was praying for something more. It might sound selfish, but I couldn't dream of leaving Phoenix to go back to Seattle without something, anything that let me know we were going to get through this. As I was driving to the hospital on Saturday morning I get a text from my Mom that says "Hannah was just asking for you." I don't think I could have possibly driven fast enough. With a smile on my face and tears in my eyes I arrived at 20th and Thomas in record time (no, Mom, I wasn't speeding.). I come racing up to the 7th floor to find her sleeping. I was slightly disappointed but I waited. Within the hour she opened her eyes and took a look around her room. Her eyes rested at mine, she winked. And smiled. "There she is!" I thought as I came and sat at the edge of her bed. She scooted over to one side of her bed so I could fit next to her. We laid together and she laughed and kept her hand with mine. We watched a movie, sang along to the soundtrack and stuck our feet in the air to see who had a better toe point (we were watching a dancing movie.). Dad just wanted to watch Harry Potter, and in a very Cobley girl way, we both sat up at the same time, rolled our eyes, and went back to what we were doing.

 Just like that, it was time for me to get on a plane. She was tired again, so I grabbed her hand, gave her a big smooch and told her how much I loved her. What I wouldn't do to be back in that hospital bed with her again.



  1. Sarah your killing me. I know the relationship you have with Hannah, why? Because I have the same one with my sister Shanna. I know Hannah is going to pull through this with flying colors. You can see her strength in her eyes. She's going to do it. She has everything she needs. Most importantly God, next her family, and so much prayer she could not even imagine. You go Hannah!

  2. I can't even tell you how much I understand this post, especially the feeling- selfish-for-wanting-a-meaningful-interaction part. I go through that every single day. You expect them to be just as they always were, only a bit weak and disheveled. But the truth is, those drugs can exhaust people to the point of hardly being able to communicate with their loved ones. It's a hard reality to face. But baby girl, you aren't alone in this and Hannah isn't either. Trust me on that. You're both a part my family's daily prayers together.