Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Day 42... Back at the Clinic

Been a few days since the last update, so I thought that it was time to bring you up to speed. Hannah has been home since Sunday, and things are getting back to normal. Sharon and I are both back to work, and Hannah is hanging out during the day getting healthy.

She had not been to the clinic since last Friday, but today she had to go in to have a bone marrow aspiration. Loads of fun. Since she is being treated at PCH, they actually put her out with general anesthesia. If she was being treated as an "adult" at another hospital, she would be awake for the procedure, but as PCH it is nighty night.

She did great and is back home tonight. Her test results are good! Blood work came back strong, and the marrow tests were good as well! So back home for a few more days until she starts going to clinic Monday through Friday for 12 straight weeks.

Monday starts the second phase of the protocol, which will feature the drug ARSENIC. Yes, boys and girls you heard me correctly she will be treated with Rat poison. Sharon and I considered going to Home Depot to pick up some DCon because it would be cheaper, but thought better of it. We can thank the Chinese for this part of the protocol, they came up with it.

When we asked about side affects, we were told that there are very few, and this better tolerated than the nuclear stuff they pumped into her last month.

Thank you for your continued prayer and support. Again, words cannot express how thankful and blessed we are.

As a side note, I will probably get in trouble for using the picture that I choose for this update, but I really don't care. I like it.


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