Saturday, August 20, 2011

Day 37.... the clinic....

Let me start of by saying this. Blogger is making me MAD. For some reason I cannot upload photos. Had a great one for tonight so all of you that know Hannah real well close your eyes. Picture her excited, and that is the picture at the top of the page. Darn blogger.

So Hannah and I went to the clinic today for her first blood work since she was discharged.

She had several good days at Dr Tom and Janis' house and we were ready. Strategy was discussed, and the game plan was in place. Here it is... Blood tests good, no transfusions, go home.

That being said she had a tuff night. Up for about an hour with really bad heartburn. I actually think that while Hannah did not enjoy the heartburn, Sharon enjoyed it as I was snoring and this was our first night in the same bed in 37 days.

As we drove to PCH not a lot happened, but when we got there, Hannah's attitude changed. It seemed to be a sad place. Something that we are not used to. As she sat there with her bald head, and not feeling great, she was commenting on how bad she felt for the other kids. One of the reasons that Hannah is loved so much is that she, like all of our girls always puts others before themselves. Sharon and I are very fortunate.

That being said, we go in, have tests, and guess what?? All the test show that she is doing great!!! Numbers up, no cancer.. As Sarah would say, Hannah is kicking cancers ace!!!

On the way home I was fortunate enough to see HannahPod (hPod). hPod is her version of an iPod on shuffle. Songs, songs and more songs along with dances in the seat next to me. I was glowing.

Hunger set in and Hannah wanted a California Pizza Kitchen frozen pizza. One way to get it. Go to Safeway.

We were given the thumbs up for going to a public place, so as we stood outside the door, me getting the cart, and her putting on her mask she said she was nervous, I looked at her and said, "Why? We gotta do this some time." Her response, "You are right, lets go."

The pizza tasted great.


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  1. She has such a great attitude with everything. You are so fortunate to have such a great daughter. :)