Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Day 19... Ernie the bug man...

Today was a non post day.  Not a lot happened.   Hannah had a difficult day with the meds, but her blood work is coming back with great results.  Another day with no cancer cells being produced!!

Over the last few weeks I have been asking God how He can further His kingdom through this. Today, our friend Bethanne who has been one of so many helping at the home front, had an experience today that shows that God is control of this situation.

This is from her blog:

Ernie the Bug Man

Being a religious person, and trying, most of the time, without success, I do try to see God's work and the good in people everywhere.  I seem to gravitate to the obvious...children, pastors, well meaning friends.  I DO try to look beyond the most likely candidates, and see God in people who aren't always nice, smiling, friendly or well meaning.  Today I saw God, I stood in an open garage and actually spoke to God....He wasn't a pastor, a friend, or someone I would consider unpleasant, and definitely wasn't a complete stranger......It was Ernie, the "bug man", otherwise known as an exterminator.  Ernie had come to my friend's home to spray for bugs and do a preventative check for termites.  My friend's daughter is in the hospital and I have offered to help get her daughter's room ready for her return home.  Ernie went about his business and we came to a stopping point.  He thought we should clear some plants against the house and I couldn't have that done immediately.  We agreed that we would schedule another time when he could finish spraying, and as he said, "Do the best job he could do."  We headed out of the house and he looked at his palm pilot, checking dates.....He said, "You know, she is going to be alright."  Before I could utter a response he went on, he told me that God works through situations. he hasn't necessarily created the situation ,  but that can teach his followers something through them.  I stood with my mouth, which I'm sure was hanging open, unable to speak.  He went on......He said," You know all the good you're doing here?  All the good that this family has done?  Your church?" I said." Yes."  He said," God accepts it, but he doesn't need it. He is everything, everywhere, perfection, that is why he gives it back to you in another form.  It may be a strengthened faith, it may be a prayer answered or a healthy outcome.  It comes back, whether you feel you deserve it or not."  At this point I started to weep.  I wasn't sobbing but, I WAS weeping.  He took my hand and confidently stated,  "She is going to be fine."  I composed myself and told him I would call him with a follow up appointment time, that would work with the outpatient treatments my friend's daughter would be having.  I put out my hand to shake his....he shook his head and with open arms embraced me.   He told me he would be gone to Guadalajara on a mission trip for a week and to call him after that..... I am certain I have seen God before, but my eyes were not open to it.  Thank you Ernie, for opening my eyes to see God right in front of me, working through you.......

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